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The landscape of interactive innovation constantly changes, and we're always looking. Check out our latest observations and must-see favorite sites.

Netflix Customer Satisfaction
Netflix's delivry problems of the last week have been widely publicized -- both by the mainstream media and by Netflix itself.

Digital Production Moving Offshore
Interesting story in today’s Wall Street Journal titled “More Digital Ads Are Produced Offshore.

The Key Trend for 2008
I think it's clear that the key trend for 2008 is social networking.

Privacy and Control
In yesterday's interview with Mark Zuckerberg at SXSW in Austin, he addressed the failures of Facebook’s Beacon advertising launch last November.

What OpenSocial Means to You

Launch of mEgo and Other Adver Widget News
Last month mEgo.

My mEgo

Critics vs. Fans
How do the judges' picks for the Webby Awards compare to the People's Voice awards? Find out!

HDTV 2.0

Which Web Conferences to Attend?
Have you had it up to HERE with web conferences that are a waste of your time and money?

Don't Diss Your Business Users!
For some reason, B2B site interfaces are still frequently developed by IT professionals rather than their User Experience (UX) brethren, and are rarely subjected to usability testing prior to launch.

Tivo Meets Amazon
I'm more than a little frustrated about how very long it's taking to get a user-friendly online movie source that delivers films and television shows directly to my television.

Vista's International Test Families
Microsoft utilized 50 families of regular users to help refine Vista.

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Here we will discuss what's new and interesting in the interactive world, ruminate on what's dated and broken, and otherwise share insights into how to build a better, more interactive world. I welcome your thoughts and participation.

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